gypsum board types and uses



( mm) from the edges and ends of the gypsum board. Lateral force restrictions. Gypsum board shall not be used in diaphragm ceilings to resist lateral forces imposed by masonry or concrete construction. SECTION 2509 GYPSUM BOARD IN SHOWERS AND WATER CLOSETS Wet areas. Showers and public toilet walls shall con-

Can you use gypsum board in bathroom?

 · Can you use gypsum board in bathroom? According to ASTM C 1396, Section 7, water-resistant drywall can be used in wet locations such as behind tile in bathtub or shower stalls. While greenboard drywall's paper covering is water-resistant, it is not waterproof. Click to see full answer.

Fire and Safety Information

A comprehensive guide to fire safety information. Type X gypsum wallboard, 5/8" in thickness ("5/8" Type X wallboard"), is manufactured for use as one component of an assembly/system (such as a wall) where a fire resistance rating is required in a residential, commercial, or other structure by an applicable building code.

Gypsum Explained

 · Gypsum Explained – New World. Gypsum is a resource first introduced to New World in patch along with the Expertise System. Ultimately, Gypsum is used to increase your expertise in an item slot of your choice. It is earned from many different activities at End Game, so let's dive in.

Gypsum Board Types

Gypsum board types are many. In fact, drywall industry offers you different kind of boards as per your requirements. Variety of plasterboards that you can use for renovation and decoration during your construction projects. In today's article, we will discover the different types of gypsum boards. Regular Plasterboard . Regular Plasterboard. Firstly, regular plasterboard is used as …

(PDF) Four Types of Gypsum Plaster Boards and their

Model of steel column protected by two gypsum plaster boards (2 Â 12 mm 2 each) used for the numerical calculation of the temperature distribution.

The different types of gypsum boards and their uses

 · Knowing what type of gypsum board to use is important for contractors as it can reduce the cost of a building but also improve its quality. Gypsum board can also be called drywall, plasterboard or wallboard. One of the main advantages of gypsum board is that it is simple to install due to the metal framework that holds it in place on walls and ceilings. When …

Gypsum: an old product with a new use

Gypsum: an old product with a new use. Gypsum is calcium sulfate (CaSO 4 ). Refined gypsum in the anhydrite form (no water) is percent calcium (Ca) and percent sulfur (S). Usually, gypsum has water associated in the molecular structure (CaSO 4 ·2H2O) and is approximately percent Ca and percent S (plaster of paris).


Gypsum board is used in a prescriptive manner with little or no rational design. Summarized here are the results of a study examining the mechanical properties of Type X gypsum board at elevated temperatures. These properties are needed to contemplate the engineering design of gypsum board fire barriers. Tests were undertaken with a small oven within a test machine …

Gypsum Board Systems Manual

These are Standard and Type X gypsum board. Type X board by definition is a gypsum board that provides: a 60 minute fire endurance rating for a (5/8") thickness when applied in a single layer and properly fastened to each side of 92mm (3 5/8") steel framing members a 2 hour fire resistant rating for a (1/2") thickness when applied in a double layer and properly …


 · Gypsum boards come in all types, shapes and sizes depending on the activity and the location of where it will be installed. Knowing the right type of gypsum board to be used is crucial especially if minimizing the overall cost of the project without compromising quality is the main goal. Gypsum boards also comes in many commercial names depending on the country …

Gypsum Board

 · Different types of gypsum board, uses of each, Installation Procedure & Quality Control tips during installation, Gypsum Board, Gypsum board installation****


Synthetic gypsum is mostly used in plaster and fiber boards. Gypsum is actually the mineral calcium sulfate. Its chemical name is calcium sulfate dihydrate ( CaSO 4 · 2H 2 O .) Different types of gypsum can be produced by changing the temperature of the calcining process and the way in which it is carried out. Higher temperatures generally lead to a reduced reaction with …

Fiber Cement Board Jointing Plaster VS Gypsum Board

 · Fiber Cement Board. The similar features for both boards are good insulation, fire resistant, non-causing, and toxic substances but the clear differences are that gypsum board is more suitable for interior work as for the reason that the gypsum board is produced from compact gypsum mineral powder which is very fragile, therefore plaster board liner has been …

Gyproc WallBoard 15mm

Standards EN 520:2022+A1:2022,Gypsum plasterboards. Definitions, requirements and test methods Definitions, requirements and test methods Standard types Type A,Plasterboard with a face to which suitable gypsum plasters or decoration may be applied.

11 Different Types of Partition Walls used in Building

 · Plaster of Paris or gypsum is used for the manufacture of these board. When gypsum is used for the manufacture of the plasterboard then it is called 'gypsum plasterboard'. This types of plasterboard are mostly used for partition walls as well as for false ceiling work. In order to reduce the density, sawdust or some other fibrous material can be added to the …

Wholesale Gypsum Board Types Manufacturer and Supplier

Gypsum Board Types Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers From China, We think this sets us apart from the competition and makes prospects choose and trust us. We all wish to build win-win deals with our customers, so give us a call today and make a new friend! 008615633687397

Understanding Dental Gypsum ISO Types

Dental gypsum is separated into 5 different categories of products, commonly referred to as TYPES. Knowing how the gypsum is to be used will determine which product (TYPE) you should use. The ISO rating is not strictly related to compressive strength, although it is one of the key criteria of the particular ISO factor used to determine ISO type is the …


supply gypsum board with Type C designation but there is no uniform terminology or reference standard for use in specifying except UL test data. Many types of gypsum board have now been combined into one standard ASTM C1396. The following have been discontinued C36 (wall board), C37 (gypsum lath), C79 (sheathing board), C442 (shaftliner), C588 (veneer base), …

Four Types of Gypsum Plaster Boards and their

 · Four Types of Gypsum Plaster Boards and their Thermophysical Properties Under Fire Condition Show all authors. K. Ghazi Wakili. K. Ghazi Wakili. Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research CH-8600 Duebendorf, Switzerland, [email protected] See all articles by this author. Search Google Scholar for this author, E. Hugi. E. …


Fireline gypsum board by ABAQUS (Finite Element analysis) and Finite Difference Figure Specific heat of gypsum as used in the Figure Density of gypsum as used in the analysis (% of the original

Inspector Chapter 5 Flashcards

Gypsum board that is used in fire-rated assemblies and produced with glass fibers that act as reinforcement is known as: a. regular gypsum board. b. corrugated board. c. Type C gypsum board. d. Type X gypsum board.

Gypsum Board

Gypsum is the ideal surface for a wall because it has the same PH value and thermal conductivity properties as the human skin. Gypsum is made up of minerals and is free of any materials that could negatively influence a sense of well-being. Gypsum is not harmful to human skin: modern medicine uses gypsum directly on the skin to set broken bones; dental technology uses …

Gypsum Board Types & Gypsum Products

Since 1965, Georgia-Pacific Gypsum has been committed to developing the highest quality gypsum building products in the industry. Our versatile ToughRock ® gypsum boards are ideal for a wide range of commercial and residential interior applications, and our Dens ® family of high-performance fiberglass mat-faced gypsum products offer exceptional strength and …

Control Joint Placement in Gypsum Board Assemblies

Control Joint Placement in Gypsum Board Assemblies Terminology: Accessories – Products fabricated for the purpose of forming corners, edges, control joints, or decorative There are many different types of trim accessories used to cover and finish the "control" or "expansion" joint, below are three of the common methods used.

False Ceiling : Definition, Benefits and Various Types

Gypsum is the most commonly used false ceiling material. The panels come with either tapered or square edges. Gypsum boards can be easily fixed either by nailing directly to ply or other plain surfaces or placing on a galvanised iron (GI) metal grid. Gypsum board comes in standard sizes of 6 feet X4 feet and 8 feet X 4 feet.

Gypsum Board

 · Gypsum board for wall and gypsum board for ceiling in Malaysia can be installed to many types of underlayment components such as brickwall, concrete surface, , rockwool, fibreglass. Gypsum board's final finish is already leveled and smooth compared to plastering, another layer of paints can be straight applied on it without further fine


GYPSUM PANEL PRODUCTS TYPES, USES, SIZES, AND STANDARDS (GA-223-04) PRODUCT DEFINED USE ASTM STANDARD†† INSTALLATION TYPE††† 1. Gypsum Wallboard Interior Walls & Ceilings C 1396, C 36 GA-216 1, 2, 3 2. Gypsum Ceiling Board Interior Ceilings C 1396, C 1395 GA-216 1, 2, 3 3. Fiber Reinforced Gypsum Panels Interior & …

GA-223-2022: Gypsum Types, Uses, Sizes, and Standards

GA-223-2022: Gypsum Panel Products, Types, Uses, Sizes, and Standards, PDF Download. Summarizing the many different types of gypsum board used in the industry, this quick reference gives typical uses of, and the ASTM and CSA standards for, each type. Also included is the appropriate industry standard designation for the installation of each


Types of gypsum products: Type I – Impression Plaster . Type II – Dental plaster used in model material. Type III – Dental stone used in mounting material . Type IV – Die stone or high storage stone. Type V – High strength which is used when a high expansion is needed as die material like in fabricating base metal alloy castings. How is Gypsum Processed . Gypsum rock is first …


GYPSUM ASSOCIATION GYPSUM PANEL PRODUCTS TYPES, USES, SIZES, AND STANDARDS (GA-223-04) PRODUCT DEFINED USE ††ASTM STANDARD INSTALLATION TYPE††† 1. Gypsum Wallboard Interior Walls & Ceilings C 1396, C 36 GA-216 1, 2, 3 2. Gypsum Ceiling Board Interior Ceilings C 1396, C 1395 GA-216 1, 2, 3 3. Fiber Reinforced …

gypsum board types and uses

gypsum board types and uses. CertainTeed Gypsum is committed to sustainability. Our 14 gypsum board manufacturing facilities, located throughout North America, operate with a responsible and Know More. Treatment and Disposal of Gypsum Board Waste . of Gypsum Board Waste Technical Paper Part II may provide uses for several types of gypsum waste …

(PDF) Site Construction Methodology Gypsum Board

In which, there two types of board to be install, the Water Moist Resistant for T&B ceiling installation and the ordinary gypsum board as the interior ceiling board up. II. Description of Work a. The work includes covering of ceiling, bulkhead, recess and other design specified in the plan as to cover the ceiling with the desired dimension, elevations and levelness all in …

What is Type X Gybsum Board?

using type X gypsum board from all manufacturers has led to a great in-crease in the use of gypsum board in multi-story dwellings, and in institu-tional, commercial and industrial buildings which formerly used other materials to provide fire resistance re-quired by building codes and insurance companies. The entire construction in- dustry and the general public owe a debt of …

Gypsum Board

Regular gypsum board (gypsum wallboard) is used as a surface layer on walls and ceilings. Sag-resistant gypsum board is a ceiling board that offers greater resistance to sagging than regular gypsum products used for ceilings where framing is typically spaced 24 inches. Type C or Proprietary Type-X gypsum board is available in 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch thicknesses and is …

What is Gypsum Wood and How is it Used in Construction

 · Gypsum board is used as a finish, and in the construction business, gypsum is known as drywall or plasterboard. Wood-Fiber Gypsum Plaster is designed to use as is, or it can be used by adding local sand—equal proportions by weight. It is a highly durable, strong basecoat plaster made from very pine particles of certain wood-fiber. ProBuild's Lakewood …

Fiber Cement Board VS Gypsum Board

 · In addition, the fiber cement board with a thickness of more than 16 mm can also be used for floor as well while the gypsum board cannot even if it has the same or greater thickness. Another feature of fiber cement board is the ability to overlay textiles on top by using adhesive plaster glue and also the ability to apply another layer of plastering cement as well.

GYPSUM BOARD – Carbon Smart Materials Palette

Use the thinnest gypsum board necessary. Gypsum board thicknesses vary from ¼ to ¾ inches, in ⅛-inch increments 5. Use the minimum thickness needed in order to reduce the amount of material being used. Design & Construction Guidance. …

type of gypsum board

Both regular and Type X gypsum board are covered under the ASTM C 1396 gypsum board standard specification Regular drywall has naturally occurring fire . MASTER SPECIFICATION SECTION 092900 GYPSUM BOARD Mar 26 2022 Show 1 2 inch space from bottom of gypsum board panels and floor to Type X gypsum board contains reinforcing designed to prevent . …

Types of Gypsum Board — Debra Douglas

 · Gypsum Board Types A number of specialized gypsum panel products and gypsum boards have been developed for specific uses, including: Gypsum wallboard for interior walls and ceilings. Gypsum ceiling board for interior ceilings, 1/2 in () thick, with a sag resistance equal to 5/8" (

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